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Some people think of the world. Some people think of themselves. Which is better for the species?

Likelihood: it's genetic. 

They say there's truth in every myth, or it wouldn't survive. Maybe there really were galactic ancestors, on many planets. Maybe they spread a gene, that made some people better than others.

Maybe we have sisters and brothers out there in the stars, only waiting to be discovered. Or to discover us.

If we live.

Sky Brother, Sky Sister, Baskin's latest work of visionary world building, begins on a brother planet just entering its modern age. Where a young hero can kill one enemy or hordes of them, just by thinking about it. Does he use this gift to protect his family, his home, his bride-to-be? 

Will he bring his world to its space age? Or its end?

Can such power be controlled? What will it take?

mythic new science fiction from Jane Baskin

mythic new science fiction from Jane Baskin

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